Montreal-Style Bagels

Montreal Bagels -

Summer’s coming to an end in Nebraska. Soon the leaves will start to turn and the temperatures to drop. Around this same time back in 1999, I moved from the small town of Kearney, Nebraska to the metropolis of Toronto, Canada to attend college. It was quite a culture shock. But autumn in Toronto made up for any homesickness I encountered that first year. This month, Lexi Bites is headed back to Canada to explore the nebulous world of “Canadian cuisine.” First up: Montreal-Style Bagels.

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Spanish Burgers with Crispy Serrano and Fried Eggs

Spanish Burgers with Crispy Serrano and Fried Egg -

Wherever I travel, there’s nothing that I love more than exploring the local cuisine—that’s essentially what Lexi Bites is all about. But every so often, a girl just needs a big, juicy burger. One of my favorite ways to elevate a simple homemade burger is with an international twist. Today, I’m bringing you Abelhaus Spanish Burgers with Crispy Serrano, Romesco and Fried Eggs.

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Red Pepper & Almond Salsa Romesco

Salsa Romesco -

This weekend we turned off our air conditioner and slept with the windows open for the first time in months. The night temperatures may be cooling, but summer’s not over yet in Nebraska. But with every passing summer day, I can feel the frenzy of autumn approaching. I’m taking advantage of these last, carefree days of summer with an easy, versatile Spanish recipe: Red Pepper & Almond Salsa Romesco. This is the one sauce recipe that rules them all. Salsa Romesco can take on a starring role next to simply grilled fish or chicken, or can multi-task as a subtle accompaniment for veggies or sandwiches.

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Catalan Rabbit with Onion

Catalan Rabbit With Onion -

A few weeks ago, M called me excitedly to tell me that rabbits were on sale at one of our favorite online gourmet food purveyors, D’Artagnan. The young, whole rabbits were 50 percent off if you purchased four. I’m no stranger to cooking rabbit, but what’s a girl to do with four rabbits? Conill Amb Ceba (Catalan Rabbit with Onion), of course.

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