Cream Cheese and Apricot Kolacky


Over the past few weeks, many of you have reached out and shared your memories of Grandpa John and Grandma Betty and their impact on the community. John and Betty touched many lives with their volunteer work for Compassionate Friends, hospice and their church. Betty also loved to show her compassion for others through her baking. One of her most beloved recipes was her Polish Cream Cheese and Apricot Kolacky.

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Cottage Cheese Crescents with Cinnamon


Cottage cheese is one divisive dairy product. Some people swear by it as a versatile, diet-friendly protein, while others loathe it passionately. Confession time: I love the stuff.

You will, too, after you try this recipe. If you’re looking for something low fat, look away. But if you’re seeking a sweet and spicy breakfast bun, you’re in luck. Meet Grandma Betty’s Cottage Cheese Delicious Rolls.

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Beef and Bacon-Stuffed Pierogies


Forget those fancy restaurants. Growing up, there was no place more special than Grandpa John’s and Grandma Betty’s kitchen. Though the food was delicious any day of the week, holiday gatherings were especially memorable. Grandma Betty’s holiday spread could rival any Norman Rockwell painting: roast beef or ham, potatoes, freshly baked rolls, a tray of veggies and pickles (fresh from Betty’s garden), and at least two scratch-baked pies. For Christmas and New Year’s, Betty sometimes made one of Grandpa John’s childhood favorites, pierogies.

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Pub-Style Fish & Chips


On Lexi Bites’ last day in Ireland, what’s one must-try food? Fish and chips, of course! This U.K. staple of battered and fried fish and potato wedges originally surged to popularity in the 19th century. Since then, it’s become a popular fast food across the British Isles and United States.

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